Monday, 8 June 2009

What a weekend!

What can a say a very mixed weekend

Friday night was the start of my birthday weekend and off we trotted to my Mother in Law for a nice roast dinner and madeira cake and lots of berry fruits - yum. pressy opening time came and went and my son Aaron helped unwrap the paper. Went home quite early as Aaron is teething - He is 13 months old and his gums are only just swollen.

Saturday - Aaron is still not himself and we went to do a bit of shopping before a romantic meal out - Call it a sixth sense but i just knew something was going to happen remembering the amount of ticket wardens were milling around the area .... As we finished our coffees we couldn't remember the exact time our parking ticket run out. We got in the lift and a woman from the council parking services asked our view on the carpark etc and we get out the lift to find a warden placing a ticket on the car - grrrrrr - i burst into tears (it worked when i was a little girl!) but to no avail. so that put a downer on the evening
My husband told me not let it ruin the evening and so went to a gorgeous turkish restaurant and had a lovely relaxing meal sans child and i even managed the milk pudding. Well it would have been romantic except for the massive group of diners taking up the lenth of the restaurant right behind us - shhhh please!

Sunday - My birthday and Aaron has a pressie for me - his top tooth popped out ie jagged edge hooray -@ 13 months and almost 1 week!!! We can relax now .....
My H made me breakfast - english breakfast muffin, egg, tenderstem broccili (in place of asparagus) and hollandaise sauce, freshly squeezed juice and a cup of tea. This is what weekends are all about!
I spent the evening in the absolutely lovely Brasserie Gerard surrounded by my family - what a nice meal , I like trying new places and this was definitely a great choice for a birthday meal with the family, even better was the 50% off of the meal!!!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Ikea Trip

Highlight of the week for me last week was a trip to Ikea. We would also get a spot of food in as its cheap and cheerful and would save time ...

Once i got in the lift i noticed a poster saying - free baby jar with adult meal purchased, fantastic - thanks Ikea

But the checkout girl had no idea about it, saying she was new and she could put the baby jar but if it wasnt free she couldnt cancel - well i am not paying for it I said and tried to find where i had seen the promotion... and couldnt find it so thought out loud - it must have been the lift.

Once we sat down i found a leaflet that stated the generous offer and went to show it to her and she said there was nothing she could do - I dont know why but i just couldnt let it go, i wanted that food that i was entitled to... why oh why do i feel the need to keep going on about it ? Well i asked to speak to the manager, she explained the issue and said they said they didnt want it after all and i said no i said i didnt want it if i had to pay for it.
The manager was lovely and took a jar from the shelf and handed it to me.

Job done!