Monday, 1 June 2009

Ikea Trip

Highlight of the week for me last week was a trip to Ikea. We would also get a spot of food in as its cheap and cheerful and would save time ...

Once i got in the lift i noticed a poster saying - free baby jar with adult meal purchased, fantastic - thanks Ikea

But the checkout girl had no idea about it, saying she was new and she could put the baby jar but if it wasnt free she couldnt cancel - well i am not paying for it I said and tried to find where i had seen the promotion... and couldnt find it so thought out loud - it must have been the lift.

Once we sat down i found a leaflet that stated the generous offer and went to show it to her and she said there was nothing she could do - I dont know why but i just couldnt let it go, i wanted that food that i was entitled to... why oh why do i feel the need to keep going on about it ? Well i asked to speak to the manager, she explained the issue and said they said they didnt want it after all and i said no i said i didnt want it if i had to pay for it.
The manager was lovely and took a jar from the shelf and handed it to me.

Job done!

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